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SPK Network Documentation


Generate Node Key Pair

This is an additional key pair. Since you are not creating a new account, these keys are not tied to any Hive user and are merely a cryptographic key pair that will be tied to your SPK account on layer 2.

  1. Go to Account Creator
  2. Type in anything for Account Name and click Generate
  3. Save the Active Private and Active Public keys somewhere

Configure IPFS Domain

  1. Login to your DNS manager
  2. Go to Advanced DNS for the domain name
  3. Add an A record subdomain
  • Host: ipfs ->
  • Value: IP.ADD.RE.SS of your server

Get Server (Privex)

You may use any server of your choosing. Privex is chosen because it is Hive friendly, IPFS friendly, and can be paid in Hive or HBD.

Go to Privex server or equivalent of your choosing:

  1. Choose a server that meets the following requirements:
    • Region: Allowed to run IPFS (currently USA & Sweden)
    • Min specs: Virtual Dual-Core 1GB / 10GB (check specific community guidelines)
    • Recommend specs:
      • dual core +
      • 2GB RAM +
      • 20GB+ HD This will be how much IPFS storage you can provide to the system.
  2. Enter your details
    • Name: username or your preference
    • Email: your@preferen.ce
    • Server Hostname: mynodeserver or your preference
    • Purpose: Hive Layer 2 Storage
    • Operating System: Ubuntu latest (currently 22.04)
    • SSH Keys:
  3. Login to your server
    • Privex will send an email with IP Address and username
    • Open Terminal or equivalent
    • Locate your SSH private key file
    • Type: ssh -i "sshkey" user@IP.ADD.RE.SS
    • Add this connection to the list of known hosts
  4. Update packages
    • Type sudo apt update to update repos
    • Type sudo apt upgrade to upgrade packages
  5. Choose how to install;
    • Install Script

Use Install Script

We've provided an install script that will install everything for you on an ubuntu/debian system.

Always always always understand a script: This will do some system checks, ensure you are not the root user, ask for your domain name (, ask for your hive username, ask for the previously generated keypair... Then installs caddy, ipfs, trole, and postgres and configure them together to collectively become a storage/upload node.

  • From the shell/terminal input the following commands from your home directory:
    • Type sudo apt install git to install git
    • Type cd ~ && git clone
    • cd trole && ./

That's it, it should have configured your .env file, https, added services that maintain the programs running, configured ipfs and trole.