Decentralized Limitless User Experiences

Part Social. Part Crypto. Limitless User Experiences.

dApps: Decentralized Applications

DLUX is an open source project built on the Hive blockchain that started as a way for users to build, post, and monetize virtual reality experiences without needing to know any code themselves. By leveraging networked A-Frame, visitor avatars spawn into social VR rooms with interconnecting portals to other places, all in-browser across mobile, headsets, and desktop computers. With full Hive wallet integration, the ability to purchase and tip became a reality for VR art galleries, AR menu systems, and 2D web dApps.

DeFi: Decentralized Finance

As the project grew, the need for an oracle arose to control how user assets can be packaged, pinned, and distributed. Now much more than a decentralized metaverse, DLUX is a full DeFi (decentralized finance) solution. The DLUX token architecture includes the ability to time lock tokens for vote power or governance collateral, and a DEX (decentralized exchange) enables atomic swaps of assets between users. No central authority exists, instead the novel use of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) with governance collateral held in escrow by smart contracts ensures orders placed on the DEX are safe. The users maintain consensus in a deterministic way by reading the Hive chain block-by-block and broadcasting their response.

S-NFTs: Smart Non Fungible Tokens

Transcend current media limitations with Smart NFTs, tokens that can be distributed to users that are interactive. Build Generative NFT sets with SVG layers (Scaleable Vector Graphics) as attributes. Issue awards, trophies, and achievements. Users can set their SNFTs as their PFP (ProFile Picture) which are verifiable by any front end choosing to recognize them.

Hive: Social Blockchain

Building on the blazing fast blockchain foundation of Hive, DLUX has been first to market with many exciting L2 (layer two) features already in public beta. Updates in closed alpha that are coming soon include a community controlled multi-signature wallet that will enable bridges to other cryptocurrencies, partial fill orders on the DEX (nonatomic swaps), and community proposals. Accounts holding DLUX Governance will be able to vote on code changes and how various community funds are spent.

Open: Free

Move past a scarcity mindset by building on Hive, with no fees, and no code required. The barrier to entry for VR, dApps, and crypto projects is gone, making DLUX the most accessible dApp platform in the crypto space. And it's open source so anyone can improve the software or remix it for their projects.

If you're interested in building VR, or just chatting about the future, drop into our Discord server and say hi!

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Project collaborations and interviews

Discover DaVinci

University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute

Discover DaVinci is a novel augmented reality system that incorporates blockchain technology with experiential learning to engage participants in an interactive discovery of Leonardo da Vinci’s ouvre. In the true spirit of this “Renaissance man”, Discover DaVinci explores new ideas and technologies “ahead of their time”.

Emergent Virtues

World IA Day LA 2019

A tentpole experience of this event with hundreds of attendees was a dlux AR camera app participant ice breaker. The goal: scan each other's badges to collect all six emergent virtue 3D models. As users moved around the room meeting eachother and scanning badges, a live leader board updated with their status of trophies found. Real networking gameified through AR and captured on blockchain!

The Cryptomaniacs

DLUX Token

DLUX deep dive with @Taskmaster4450 & Jon Olson


VR, AR & DeFi

@crimsonclad interviews @disregardfiat about #dlux

Simulation Nation

Virtual Money

@disregardfiat and @markegiles broadcast from inside Altspace VR


Market Square Hub

Press Release: ARK Announces Partnership With DLUX


Side Chains

Leo, Hive, and how Layer 2 solutions like DLUX add critical features

Altcoin Buzz

Time is Crypto

The Crypto Godess interrogates @markegiles about the dlux ICO

Brand Kit

Assets and colorway

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Privacy Policy

We believe in data privacy and transparency

The data you publish and access through DLUX is publicly available permanently on the Hive blockchain. Front ends like DLUX can hide content from users, and assets stored on IPFS can be garbage collected, but the record of the data is immutably saved forever.

DLUX, acting as a front end, stores no user data. Login happens via the Hive Keychain extension, so user keys are never exposed to DLUX. A user session is stored locally, and DLUX does no user data tracking whatsoever.

Would you like to learn more about how your data is stored and accessed via the Hive blockchain?

Hive Whitepaper

Terms of Service

What you can expect from us, and what we expect from you

All DLUX software is MIT License Open Source. Report all bugs and issues via Discord.

You are free to use the code for your own projects, and we encourage others to contribute improvements. We offer no warranty or gurantee and consider this software in public beta. Users are welcome to test, debug, provide feedback, and use at their own risk.

Would you like to audit the code, issue a pull request, clone the repo, or just have a look around?

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Open Source Libraries

Networked A-Frame

Build AR and VR scenes from simple tags that are responsive across mobile, desktop, and headset via HTML5 with teleport controls, touch controls, magic window looking, and keyboard + cursor controls. Start by using a drag and drop uploader or remixing a boiler plate project.

SPK Network

Decentralized content storage peer-to-peer via the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Access your file from anywhere via it's finger print, or "hash" identity. SPK Network incentivizes everybody to pin uploaded content to mitigate censorship and ensure resilency.

Hive Blockchain

Users own their account and content, as well as their crypto currency. By powering up some crypto, users gain vote power enabling them to reward content creators and curators via upvotes that earn crypto from the reward pool which can be immediately withdrawn.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hive?

Hive is a delegated-proof-of-stake social media blockchain. Users have a wallet that holds Hive crypto, and by staking some of their crypto in a process called powering up they get vote power. There is built-in inflation that funds a reward pool, which is paid out to content creators that earn it via upvotes from users with Hive Power.

What are dApps?

Decentralized Applications are pieces of software that can run outside of centralized servers and app stores. They are resiliant in their ability to be distributed peer-to-peer, and their minimization on external dependencies.

What is a DEX?

A Decentralized EXchange is a market to swap assets that has no centralized account holding the assets or user keys, and instead escrows agent collateral to cover the cost of trades.